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A girl who has fetish for short, blonde, tan, surfer kids or groms. Girls who have blown or had sex with a girl can also be referred to a gromlicker. Even though most groms treat their girls like shit, girls still like them because their "hot", when they look like they're 12 and are known for having small wieners.
Ex. 1
" Shes sucked up all the groms, what a gromlicker"

Ex. 2
Guy 1- "That girl was so straight and didn't do stuff, and then she dated a grom. Now she's such a gromlicker. Heard she fits 4 fingers now."

Guy 2-"Yeah bro, I heard she's into anal beads now.."
by OBFL1 September 18, 2011
A girl, or boy... Most of the time female, that gets around with all the local groms. relevant to "Snicker Licker."
Grom 1: Man, that chick is smokin'...

Grom 2: No way, dude! I see her giving BJ's at the Locs wall all the time... She's a Grom Licker
by gromlicker November 23, 2011
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