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Excrement. a poo
I just did a huge Grogen in the toilet
by Pedro September 15, 2003
"A spa for the balls"
A grogen consists of a male or female gargling a various liquid and then their partners testicles are dipped into the liquid. This will create a spa like environment for the testicles to rest in.
A painful grogen is when the giver of the grogen chokes on the liquid and closes their mouth quickly, potentially harming the receiver.

The most coveted grogen are given by elderly individuals. Also known as the "senior grogen", these grogens are world renowned throughout nursing homes.
"Yo that girl gave me the best caramel grogen"
by Stigdanig August 01, 2007
A poo that hits the surface of the toilet water, while subsequently still attached to your rectum.
"Honey, you still in the toilet??"

"Yeah, this grogen is like a fucking rope"
by Radksi October 13, 2011
A massive shit that it so long that even when it remains attached to the rectum, touches the bottom of the toilet.
Greg: Oh god! That turd is touches the bottom of the bog!
Andy: Nice grogen.
by lololwords12 March 15, 2014
To crave, to strongly desire.
Man, Im grogen for some jane.
Im grogen for some food.

by Drew, Matt, and Parker September 23, 2008
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