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White trash kids. Usually dirty and running through Wal-Mart unattended.
"You're little gritter, Dakota, bit my dog."
by Coop May 16, 2003
A teenager/young adult, often a highschool dropout, whom associates with the "bad crowd" and smokes/inhales and sometimes deals drugs of any type.
"I don't want to attend that party, it will be full of gritters"

"I ended our friendship after he became a gritter"
by StaceyT September 29, 2005
San Diego slang for cigarette. During its evolution, cigarette became "garette," garette became "grit," and grit became "gritter." Can be pronounced either grit-er or grit-ah.
(1) After a good meal, it's time for a gritter.

(2) "Dude, can I bum a gritter off you?"
by Brick July 31, 2003
One who fornicates with another, fully aware that they will soon be moving away to be with their girlfriend/boyfriend.
I hate being such a gritter, but he's so good in bed!
by Dr Bary November 19, 2011
A sexual act where a man/women place a finger in the bum and a finger in the vagina and rubs the wall between the two fingers.
I grittered a girl last nite
by babermiester June 29, 2010
English ryhming slang; council gritter= up the sh*tter!!!
she has been well and truly done in the gritter!!!
by justin January 26, 2004