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Combination of being grouchy and bitchy at the same time.
Damn man, my wife really gets gritchy around the holidays. Let's go to the bar.
by WhRa December 10, 2008
-- gritty and itchy and frustrating
-- anxiety inducing
-- annoying
Beginning in southern Ontario Canada, specifically Burlington, "Gritchy" has been in ever expanding use since the late 1960's
-- His acne was everywhere. It was gritchy to look at.
-- Sex in any position on dry sand and without a blanket, is gritchy.
by claybie August 25, 2009
gritty and itchy and frustrating
-- The frog had a back that looked like a crumpet, pocked with little holes where it incubated its tadpoles. I wanted to scratch that crumpet-back with my fingernails, it was gritchy looking.
-- Her tooth grinding made a gritchy sound.

-- The broken bone was healing nicely, but not being able to scratch inside the plaster-of-paris cast was gritchy.

-- It gritched me out to listen to her lisping french accent.
-- Wearing a wooly sweater covered in burrs was gritchy enough, but he was also scraping his fingernails across the blackboard.

-- Tearing down a motorcycle, and putting it back together, only to find you've got one mystery-part left over gives you that gritchy anxiety you feel in your solar plexus, but worse.
-- Baby's cradle-cap looked like bark, and its eyelids were pinky-red like it suffered from some kind of gritchy vitamin deficiency.
by wclay August 19, 2009
a feeling of annoyance combined with frustration
the rise of tom arnold to fame is almost more gritchy than roseanne
by bius November 18, 2010
a bag of your personal belongs that you would need to travel with.
Get your gritchy so we can get on the road.
by Tagewag July 24, 2009