1. To almost grasp/grab something.
2. To grasp/grab something weakly by your fingers.
3. To grasp/grab something weakly, then have your grasp slip.
Let me grisp you, for I am too weak today to grasp.
by grisp August 03, 2005
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(1) A combination of to grip or to grasp; (2) also used to replace the word 'gist' as in to understand something, but not to be expert in it.
(1) He was a good climber because he could grisp on to very small holds;
(2) Frank claimed that he finally got the grisp of the subject after reading his new textbook.
by Martout November 01, 2006
1) A self acquired fail; possibly influenced or identified by an outside source.

2) Being a conduit or in a situation of dire stupidity or hopelessness.

3) Causing or otherwise creating a pathetic moment in time.
"o ok. trying to grisp u as a person... but ok. all i no is that those boxxy stalkers/ crazy fans r crazy."

wtf is grisp?"
by A CoB scribe. September 12, 2009
able to aquire something or under stand a concept of something. A mix of grip and grab.
i finaly grisped the consept.

he's good at climbing because he can girsp the rock ledge good.
by neez100 January 05, 2010

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