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Adj. What the weather can be described as when it is cold, cloudy, rainy, and gray. A conjunction of gray and dismal.
"Let's go for a bike ride!"

"I dunno, lookin' kinda grismal out there."
by JMKS September 20, 2006
the intersection of grim and dismal, like, for example, most jobs (with "e.g. working for walmart" being the best example for people who don't work to imagine what working might be like). other examples would be english cuisine, waterboarding (for the waterboardee), all of the circles of hell, also purgatory etc., a tea party with actual tea party members, going ice fishing with the cable guy, etc. etc. most people lead lives that are both dismal and grim, so this shouldn't be a hard idea for most of you to imagine.
"so, you clean the inside of sewage tanks for a living, what's that like?"
"generally i'm a postive person and i don't like to sound self pitying or negative, but, in a word, pretty grismal"
by RRobertson December 03, 2013
Portmanteau word combining grim and dismal.
Refers to something especially a performance so poor as to give no hope for future improvement.
"What did you think of the team tonight Harry?".
"Grismal mate, fucking grismal".
by Eschatonic March 18, 2010
(1) When the skies are grey, and there's that annoying rain which feels like spittle on your face. You feel like a fool for having an umbrella up because it isn't helping.

(2) When a situation is really bumming you out.
Grim + dismal = grismal.
Guy 1: Put your umbrella away, dude, it won't help you. It's grismal out there.

Guy 2: Great. I'll need windshield wipers for my glasses.
by kittydoodle June 04, 2009
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