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Derogatory term referring to a caucasian (white person). Derived from the Spanish word Gringo but meant to be inflammatory.
White is to Grink as Black is to N*****
by whitedude October 14, 2007
69 50
A combination of the colours Green and Pink.
Used for people with their favourite colours as green and pink. Also a gang name.

Stands for :

G- Great
R- Responsible
I- Intelligent
N- Naughty
K- Kissable
S- Stylish
"Damn that boy/girl is: great, responsible, intelligent, naughty, kissable AND stylish! He or She is SOOO Grinks material!"

Person One: "My favourite colour is green."
Person Two: "My favourite colour is pink."
Person One & Two: "WERE GRINKS!"
by Michelleashley February 03, 2011
6 5
When a Grandma or Grandpa winks at you in a sexual fashion.
-How was work dude?
-It was going well until this old geezer grinked at me when I was giving him his change
-Creepy Bro
by BIGSPENT March 28, 2010
29 39
A combination of the word "grow" and "shrink." The word GRink was made famous by Wyld Stallyns Games in their 'wyldly' successful iPhone game "GRink."
I just bought Grink on my iPhone! It's rad money!
by DrTossalot January 25, 2011
5 21
Verb, portmanteau of "green ink (letter)". Used to describe the act of writing an aggrieved complaint letter or e-mail, usually to the media and always by someone emotionally damaged or just plain insane. So called because such letters are, according to urban legend, frequently written using green ink.
When I wrote that piece about asylum seekers I got severely grinked by a retired army major from Tunbridge Wells.
by TortZilla December 13, 2010
2 24
To finish someone's cigarette.
Hey lemme grink that cig man!

Here you can grink dis shit, I'm done!
by thyo January 27, 2009
4 53
Racial slur for a mix between Korean and Chinese
That dude is a grink!
Those grinks eat dog.
by Deeve October 20, 2006
70 119