It is an Italian word for foreigner (tyically Engish speaking). Latinos picked up the word after hearing the Italians use it. Latinos refer to both people from the USA and Canada as gringos (gringas for females).
Los gringos están amable.
by Bob Smith November 30, 2003
A guy from the race that invented the language that allows Mexicans to call whites "Gringo".
If it wasn't for white people, Mexicans would be using a crap Nahuatl term for white people rather than "Gringo".
by Snesgamer April 10, 2006
Los maricones mas grandes de todos, y ke tienen la pinga muy chiquita. The insult hispanic people that don't have a perfect accent in english, but won't evn try to speak other languages because they are so self centered they think they are the best.
#1: mira a esos gringos

#2: ya ves son unos fachas, nadie les obliga cantar el himno nacional en nuestros paises pero nosotros tenmos ke hablar el ingles perfectamente y cantar alante de su bandera.
#3: Putos gringos!!!
A male Caucasian or white man. It’s NOT offensive or derogatory, as most white people believe even though their first language is usually not Spanish. We can’t exactly call you “el hombre blanco” which translates to “the white man”, so we call a white man a gringo.

A gringa is a female Caucasian or white woman.

I know all of this because, yes the first language I learned was Spanish, and I still speak it. So when a person says “llama la gringas” it translates to “call the white females”.

The word gringo is like the word black in English. Of course when a person says, “Oh, look at those stupid gringos, they’re all stupid” it’s just as offensive the same way a person would say “Oh, look at those stupid blacks, they’re all stupid”. Gringo is also like the Spanish word chino, which means a Chinese male, or an Asian male.

Unlike the many offensive terms for other ethnicities and races that the English language has(nigger, spic, wetback, beaner, chink, cracker), the Spanish isn’t so pinpoint in its offensive terms usually, and if there are, a lot of them are local terms.

Gringo/gringa can also be used to tease a Latino, Hispanic etc. person who is white in color and very fair skinned. My uncle calls me gringa, but it’s not offensive.
No son Africano, son gringo. (They're not African, they're white)
by Santana June 27, 2006
A white person.

You call us Mexicans we call you Gringos
simple as that.
Mira a esse gringo limpiandoze el culo.

by Aztek May 24, 2005
A derogatory term used to refer to white people. You'll never hear a Mexican say it unless they are upset with a white person. The Mexicans who use it are born in Mexico living here in the United States.
Jose: You see that pinche gringo?
Javier: Si guey.
Jose: Fucking stupid ass gringo.
by Two_Bursches_One_Crub August 07, 2015

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