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1.The act of going out with the specific intention of finding a member of the opposite sex purely to admire their physical appearance, but not doing anything about it.

2. Reading glossy magazines or looking through other people's social networking pages to find attractive people.

Griming is often done in groups of two or more, where if one locates an attractive female, they tell fellow grimers.
Glen, Rod and DJ decided to go to Oceana on Friday night, because Chris had told them that it was an excellent club for griming.

See also: E-grime (griming on the internet), facebook/myspace stalking
by Jonny Beach February 20, 2008
Wavy dance moves that swarms you in so much pussy, you'll have to change your name to Matt Damon. Tidal waves form as this dance makes everyone wet.

Not just a dance, but a way of life.
Griming my way knee deep in pussy
by jv12345 May 13, 2014
to go out with your ex-boyfriend's or ex-girlfriend's friend.
"Hey, I heard you and Bob broke up," says Jane.
"Yeah we did...," replied Jennifer, "But I'm now griming his best friend Peter."
by Penguinlover September 14, 2006
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