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a party where most in attendance are high on mdma.
the party went on until eight in the morning. it was a total griller.
by dr.freedom November 30, 2010
the state of being very high on mdma. (grilling, grilling out)
holy shit. look at tony dance! he's fuckkn grilled!
by dr.freedom November 30, 2010
to borrow something intending to not return it or to borrow something and decide to keep it.
we can easily get those items, i can storrow them off a friend.
by dr.freedom December 03, 2010
the state of being too "grilled" (high) on MDMA.
jonny's grillin'- dancing and having a blast... but brian is having a brain rideout- his eyes are rolling like a slot machine and he's stomping around the room like godzilla!!
by Dr.Freedom June 11, 2011
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