Wanna-be gangstas from the East-Sandy ghetto, a legend of themselves, This term has become infamous for white dudes pretending to be rappers.
Watch out, G-rig is gonna get ya!
by Jew Pac August 25, 2004
Top Definition
pot smoking, couch dwelling, barley employeed, beer drinking individual(s) who like nothing more than sitting around all day with their hand down their pants.
What are you up to today? Grigin.
You filthy grig.
by non-grig June 09, 2003
It is the same as Dew. But this word ("grig") can be used instead of heartbreak, heartache, pain, painful, wound, tears (like river), headache, solitude, lonesomeness, destroy, ruin, ruination; also ("Grig" a man who induces a deep depression to another one, insults, mocks at etc.
I've got a grig. My life is ruined :((((((((((
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
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