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a griffo is a derogatory name used when a half full beer is found abandoned at a party or pub by someone because they either cant drink it or want a fresh one.

originates from maroubra, sydney, australia out of respect for griffo, who has continuosly been caught not finishing his beers.

when a half full beer is found in the middle of a table and no one is drinking it, 'whose f#&kin griffo is that?'

or when leaving a place and someone doesnt finish their drink before they go,you may stand, point at them and yell 'GRIFFO'

alternatively you can leave a beer at the end of the night half full and remark, 'this is for griffo' as long as it is announced
by fullbeers November 01, 2006
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A Hairy beast that prowls round in the crooked streets of ashmore park on a suspicious 2D bike.
" Griffos bike griffos bike "
by Lee April 06, 2005
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Griffo is a term for "Teh Excellant god damn person ev0r times seven"
thats lovely cake, Griffo.
by mel July 01, 2003
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