A rifleman class of fighter developed by Germany in the early 1900s. When the Third Reich took over Germany, it became the lowest rank in the Nazi infantry.
Randolph was a grenadier rifleman.
by Nicolai February 15, 2004
Top Definition
1. A person who routinely takes one for the team and jumps on the grenade
Man, Ben is such a grenadier, especially when we get him a little drunk. He'll use any excuse to bang an ugly girl.
by da champ August 17, 2005
Grenadier is a term used within the British Army. It refers to a soldier in a Elite regiment of Grenadier Guards that are Her Majesty's personal bodyguards. These soldiers are often seen in London but are special forces with the British Army. The ceramonial side of this Elite Regiment is a small but important part of the Regiments high disciplined history.
Two Paratroopers are talking and they hear on the radio that they are getting rescued " Here come the Grenadiers to save the day"
by Harry Nichols August 14, 2006
A rifleman on the side of the Axis Powers during World War II. This soldier used the weapons "Karbiner 98k Rifle with Bayonette or the Karbiner 43", which were outstanding in accuracy and extremely powerful with harsh kick back. Term has become popular in modern society with the computer game "Day of Defeat", where it is used by the infamous "vincent_gallo" and occasionally by "christina ricci" when playing dod_anzio or dod_zalec.
OH FUCK! I got on axis, I'm going to be the Grenadier and noob some allies...Hitler ain't never scared.
by everyday i do, vincent_gallo February 01, 2004
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