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a fugly she-beast who likes to cock block for her hot friends
By your wingman a beer cuz he will fall on the grenade for you!
by Da Nastee One May 07, 2004
1589 928
Refers to sacrificing ones self for a friend by taking up company with the ugly friend. Can usually be captured using an iphone application such as iGrenaded. It refers to a solider jumping on a live grenade to save others.
Your friend meets a hot chick hanging out with her not so attractive friend. In order for your friend to hook up you have to hook up with her friend or jump on the grenade.
by Professional Wingman January 16, 2010
36 71
A compact device usually filled with peices of metal (called Shrapnel, they explode outward and cut up anything that gets in their way) with gunpowder and fuse. Pulling the pin will result in the grenades explosion within 3 to 5 seconds depending on the fuse length. Most deadly against ground infantry. Also comes in Anti-tank (known as a Sticky Bomb) variety
The pineapple grenade is a very common grenade, used by most countries.
by Someone who was bored September 26, 2007
359 394
ugly/fat chick out of the group of chicks.
Situation: Looks like we got a situation here.
Pauly D: Yeah we do
Situation: Alright heres the plan, we extract the grenade from that room, put her in a separate room for her to explode (sleep).

Pauly D: Alright then?
Situation: Then we extract the hotties n take em to our room. Sounds like a plan?
Pauly D: Yeah lets do it, GFA!.
by ThatGrenadeSituation September 19, 2010
20 56
A grenade is what the fat ugly bitch that is with a group of fine ass women is called. If she gets upset then it "blows up" the time for the rest of the girls in the group or the guys trying to get with them.
Dude go lay on that Grenade for us she is about to get pissy and its gonna fuck it up for all of us!
by Greatest EVR August 18, 2010
19 55
A grenade is a fat, ugly chick. This term was believed to be first released on "Jersey Shore", when Mike "The Situation" referred to the best friend of a girl he brought home as a "grenade".
Mike: Dude, I feel bad for Pauly D right now... he needs to entertain the grenade!
by JerseyShoreLover August 10, 2010
17 53
Jersey Shore Term. The ugly friend that tags along with a smokin' hot chick. In a way she explodes and that affects the friend she's with so she's also a cock block. Really ruins the mood. Makes you feel like you're being closely observed by a gay friend. She can also be the wing-girl. Just in case there's a double-team comin' along.
My friend ended up gettin with a hot chick, while I was stuck with the Grenade.
by Hakrim July 31, 2010
29 65

1. fat
2. ugly as fuck

looks as it she was playing a game of hot potato with a grenade and lost
guy 1: i'm drunk as shit...how's that girl look?
guy 2: you mean the grenade?
guy 1: eh fuck it i don't even care
by b_sallz October 20, 2010
15 52