Greenlighting is when a male or female (often bisexual) will wear a green shirt, either polo or otherwise, and "pop" or pull their collar up. This marks them as being ready for sex with anyone who chooses them, be it male or female, they are "collared" when someone approaches them and pulls their collar down. This leads to sexual intercourse in most cases or sodomy when both partners are male. The trend is thought to have started in the gay community but quickly spread throught out 2004, with more communities meeting up in real life, and sharing stories online. Many women who "collar" males see it as a chance for no strings attached sex whilst guys enjoy it for obvious reasons, in gay circles it is seen as a way of openly showing your true feelings. green Lighting shows that you are open to anything and many worry that this may lead to horrific abuse, and whilst this has yet to occur it may only be a matter of time.
I saw this hot chick greenlighting, so I collared her and we had sex in my hotel room.
by asnosabio July 05, 2005
Top Definition
Ruining a prank started on an internet forum by taking things too far.
"the popped collar sex hoax only lasted 3 days after being revealed as gbs greenlighting"
by bob riffic July 12, 2005
The act of popping one's collar on a green polo shirt to indicate that sex is wanted or needed. One who greenlights is called a greenlighter. This act can be done and recieved by either sex toward's either sex, and that is also the risk one takes when popping one's collar. The origin of this trend is unkown, but it quite popular. (A google search of greenlighter will show you the forums and other sites linked to this trend)
Get your collar popped we're greenlighting tonight biatches!"
by Wabler July 05, 2005
The usually-unconscious act of turning the object of one's romantic desires into a representation of some sort of ideal - a metaphorical "green light" shining across a bay. Often taken to the point where even if one were to successfully court that person, it would be unsatisfying as they would be humanly incapable of living up to the dreamlike figure they'd been built into.
A: Why won't Jay just talk to her if he likes her so much?

B: He's been totally green-lighting her. Even if he manages it, she's not the person he wants to think she is.
by Jordan Not-Baker February 18, 2013
A useful peacock like fad where pop collared green shirt are used to signify sexual advances. The green lighters do not discriminate against strait and gay advances as they tend to be more in tune with swingers
man: drinking at a bar
partner looking for sex: do you green light?
man: Yes i do
PLFS: group, gay or straight.
Man: group
by this user is james July 03, 2005
Thought to have been started in the UK by "chavs". A man will wear a green shirt with popped collar to show he is free for sex with anyone, be it a man or woman. Anyone willing to join him needs only to approach him and pop his collar down, claiming sexual rights to him. Started a few years ago and has spread slowly and is still largely unknown however many parent groups consider it dangerous and force strict clothing rules upon their kids as a result, as well as telling others to do the same!
I saw this kid at the club the other night with a green shirt and his collar popped up. An older dude came up to him and popped his collar back down, and then the two headed off towards the bathroom. They was green lighting.
by Max Money July 03, 2005
Greenlighting is the wearing of a green shirt with a popped collar, meaning that you are open to sexual advances.
Hey man, let's go greenlighting down at the bar.
by JohnnyGreen July 02, 2005
(v.) Wearing a green polo shirt with the collar popped to signal that you would like to have, at the very least, oral sex. When someone accepts your silent proposition they simply walk up to you and turn your collar down (aka as collaring.
There was a girl at the club last night that was greenlighting so I collared her quick and we snuck to the bathroom.
by TheSaminal July 04, 2005
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