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adj. Formerly just a colour but now an indication of almost religious perfection in a foodstuff, industrial product, or political party: purity, organicity, hard work by unionised workers and a complete lack of chemicals found in the periodic table is implied.

Are these beans green?

Yeah. Look at them.

I know they're green. But are they green?

Yes. I told you. They are verdant little kernels suffused with, nay, bursting with, greenness.

But are they green?

by gnostic1 August 08, 2012
A young horse, or horse that is not fully trained. Also used in the Military to describe someone who is inexperienced.
1. That green horse is not suitable for beginner riders.
2. Those recruits are green.
by igggty January 06, 2009
the first hit of weed
"You wanna hit the greenz?"
by booya August 05, 2003
NOT a creative color
says the creative notebook from Don't Hug me I'm Scared
"Green is not a creative color"
by PIGGYWISDOM November 18, 2013
Green is a color that means horny. Usually used for describing yourself or someone else.
1. Sora (Not from KH. Me and my friends have Japanese nicknames.): I like the color green cause I'm dark green!!!
2. That girl over there looks super green.
by Rinko May 20, 2009
horny, referring to the idea that colors can induce feelings. (Orange=hungry, blue=calm, red=angry, green=horny)
I was so green last night I hit the first slut I could find.
by me453 February 24, 2008
When someone dosnt know somthing they are being green
Fernando: I know what its like to be poor because I go to Ojo Seco more than you
2 days later......
Pancho: Member what Fernando said about poor people
Tony: OH YEA!!! He was being so green.
by Anthos August 06, 2006