A young horse, or horse that is not fully trained. Also used in the Military to describe someone who is inexperienced.
1. That green horse is not suitable for beginner riders.
2. Those recruits are green.
by igggty January 06, 2009
1. a color 2. a term for nausea 3. a word that assholes use to describe any ostentatious effort to aid the environment.
1. Look, that car is green! 2. Man, I feel green. 3. Hey guys, I'm an asshole cause I'm going green!
by izack!!! April 22, 2008
Another word for "Go" or positive. Mostly used by the military.
Operator: "How is your landing gear?"
Pilot: "All green."
Operator: "Roger."
by Levi Westbrook February 09, 2005
Political party that never gets respect it deserves
Vote Green.
by nigger hater May 11, 2003
the first hit of weed
"You wanna hit the greenz?"
by booya August 05, 2003
NOT a creative color
says the creative notebook from Don't Hug me I'm Scared
"Green is not a creative color"
by PIGGYWISDOM November 18, 2013
A stupid thing or a stupid person.
Derived from unripe fruit being to "green" to pick, meaning only a stupid person would eat the green fruit.
Man that's so green.
by Kimmie-Kun July 30, 2011

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