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A green nipple is the action of fucking a cat and then at the point of climax, striking the cat at upon the head with a long handled shovel.
jorge: dude did you hear about Dominic?
Gerald; no! what happedened!?
Jorge: He did the green nipple to Seamus's cat!
Gerald: Oh damn!!!!! No way!! That's fucked up!!!!1
#beastiality #cat #shovel #marijuana #black decker
by Red spinners December 04, 2009
When your nipples get:
1. Soggy
2. Swelled
3. Or multicolored
Often result of purple nurple, being drunk, or sex
1. Man i got drunk last night and had HUGE green nipples
2. Yeah i hate those, but i get them a lot when im with my girlfriend..... in a dark room...... alone
#girlfriend #green #nipples #sex #drunk
by greennipplesaregood January 15, 2011
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