Term for a gram bag of high quality marijuana.
Hey man let me get a greazy of that purple skunk.
by J-macafella February 22, 2009
Top Definition
Popular slang that emerged in West London schools as a way of expression of profound personal appreciation of any object, person or action in 2006 / 7.
Tyrelle: Aw man, dat girl was greazy, blud.
Roshane: Greazy? Nah man, nah you should see mi PS3 blud, *dats* greazy.
by Gareth Griffiths February 26, 2008
adj; a combination of the words "greasy" and "sleazy"; used to describe a person who is both of these disgusting attributes at the same time; most likely an older male
"Ewwww....that old man is SO greazy!"
by Amez July 03, 2006
Disrespectful. Straight up rude.
Haha guy you're sloughin' so bad right now, you suck at life.

You're hella greazy man!
by bitchesaintsheeit March 01, 2011
is used to describe someone who looks a hot mess
and is used by the person who came up with it to block out bad words such as fuck shyt or any other form of that language but sometimes is constantly used before the cuss word

can also mean loud
Yo, that girl iz looking greazier than a mothafucka.

Why you got to be so greazy for man i thougt we were cool.

You always got something greazy to say.
by fara jeanty March 16, 2008
To make someone feel stupid or look like a fool
After just tripping Rich in public;
Rich: Dude, that was so greazy!
by Colton G April 02, 2008
A sex lubricant
Yo, Jerald- give me some of that good greazy shit
by miss peeniz biznatch November 08, 2003

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