A word used to describe anything really, both good and bad.
Previously used as a derogitory term, now catching on as a term meaning basically "slick", "strong", "sweet", "awesome" etc.
Also used as another word for drunk or inebriated.
Bartender: "What can I get for you bro?"
Patron: "Two double rye and cokes please....oh and makem GREASY."
Bartender: "Pardon?"
Patron "I said, Makem GREASY!"
Bartender: "Gotta!:-)"

"Dude that was a GREASY move on the dance floor!"

"Yeah boy! We're gettin GREASY tonight!"
by Harley McIntyre March 31, 2008
If something is disgusting/ugly you would say that it is greasy.
1. I'm not picking up that dog shit, that's so greasy dude.

2. Mate that outfit is so greasy go change!

3. She is looking pretty greasy today man, good think you dumped her!
by shinegreasy December 03, 2014
A citizen of Greece. A Greek.
I thought Adonis was Greasy. But he's actually a Belch.
by HonkeyCred March 05, 2011
a canadian slang word used to describe a teenage girl who wears dirty track suits, has long, slimy hair tied up in a bun, always has drama going on which she must talk loudly about in public places, thinks shes really hot, smokes cigarettes, and like terrible rap music.
That girl in Maple Ridge was sure a greasy bitch.
by d souts August 21, 2009
Acquired from a misconception while playing call of duty 4 online.
meaning Cool.

can be used as an adjective or a noun.
aww hell greasy thats whats up!
Hey greasy what are you doing?
My nigga.. thats whats greasy!
Hey greasy bo dylan
by Nigbodale May 09, 2009
In New Zealand referring to Fish and Chips
Hey mate, let's go for some greasies.
by Muliaina July 31, 2009
A man who like to have sex with other men.He wears a scarf and/or puts grease on his hair.His name usually is Philip, Grigor or Iulian.
Sgtrangle this greasy boy with his scarf!!!
by penio March 22, 2009
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