a canadian slang word used to describe a teenage girl who wears dirty track suits, has long, slimy hair tied up in a bun, always has drama going on which she must talk loudly about in public places, thinks shes really hot, smokes cigarettes, and like terrible rap music.
That girl in Maple Ridge was sure a greasy bitch.
by d souts August 21, 2009
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1. To feel greasy means to feel like a badass mofo ready to do anything.

2. When something is greasy it is either cool, badass, or anything to that extent.
Billy: Are you sure about calling all of the UFC fighters gay and slapping them?
Captain Osiris: Dude i'm feelin greasy, i can do whatever the hell i want.

Colt: Dude I got this new Pitt Bull/Rottweiler and its pretty greasy.
by Soup84 April 15, 2009
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A craddle-rocking whore who never washes her hair and has deaf parents.
by Brandon Randolph March 25, 2008
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Acquired from a misconception while playing call of duty 4 online.
meaning Cool.

can be used as an adjective or a noun.
aww hell greasy thats whats up!
Hey greasy what are you doing?
My nigga.. thats whats greasy!
Hey greasy bo dylan
by Nigbodale May 09, 2009
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to get at in a foul manner; disrespectful,scandelous or shaddy
Dude just got hella greasy with me!
Dang that's greasy! (After someone has said somethiing rude)
You gettin' greasy?
by MichaelMonet April 25, 2007
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Adjective (negative). Used to describe any activity that involves spending too much money, drinking too much, doing too many drugs, hanging out with dregs of society people, and generally any activity that involves lowering one's standard and hindering one's progress.

"A greasy night out" - a night out that involves enormous expense and negative health consequences but very little pleasure as compensation. Typically occuring in London (because it's so expensive and overcrowded) a greasy night out would involve leaving the office at 6, downing 10 pints of Stella, spending fortunes on cabs to go to crap clubs where you queue outside for hours, then buy more overpriced drinks inside, stagger outside, may or may not visit a kebab house or a whore house, then get more expensive cabs home, and wake up in the morning to find you've lost you brand new Armani overcoat.

Can also be applied to other situations, such as greasy mates (one's friends who encourage the above, but have no means to pay for it so you must pay for them aswell. They act as a kind of grease multiplier).
What's the matter Andrew; why's your face green and you're so miserable?

Had a greasy night out last night in Oxford Street. It was filth. My greasy mates scabbed drinks off me all night and I had to pay for the cab.
by Mikee T October 06, 2006
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If something is disgusting/ugly you would say that it is greasy.
1. I'm not picking up that dog shit, that's so greasy dude.

2. Mate that outfit is so greasy go change!

3. She is looking pretty greasy today man, good think you dumped her!
by shinegreasy December 03, 2014
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