Aussie slang for glaring at people (staring at someone in a nasty fashion). Essentially the Aussie version of "stink eye".

Can also be made into a verb: "to grease off" - the act of giving someone a mean stare.
Geez Sam, Mick was giving you a decent greasy just now. What did you do to piss him off?

That dickhead just cut me off in traffic. What could I do? I wasn't gonna ram into him and smash up my own car, so I just gave him a good greasy as I drove past him.

What's with that bitch? She keeps greasing me off.
by pseudolexicologist March 24, 2010
adj. someone who is unappealing or undesireable

v. doing something ill-advised, usually involving drink alcohol/malt beverage

Adj: -Brittany Spears is a greasy twat.

v. -I got greasy last night and shoved my cock into Brittany Spears brown-eye.
by Boredoutofmymind2 June 20, 2008
A word used to describe anything really, both good and bad.
Previously used as a derogitory term, now catching on as a term meaning basically "slick", "strong", "sweet", "awesome" etc.
Also used as another word for drunk or inebriated.
Bartender: "What can I get for you bro?"
Patron: "Two double rye and cokes please....oh and makem GREASY."
Bartender: "Pardon?"
Patron "I said, Makem GREASY!"
Bartender: "Gotta!:-)"

"Dude that was a GREASY move on the dance floor!"

"Yeah boy! We're gettin GREASY tonight!"
by Harley McIntyre March 31, 2008
mean, disrespectful
A commonly used word in the seattle area
(after someone just dissed another person) Whoa you gonna let him grease u like that

Your not gonna give ur homie some fries, thats greasy
by the206kid February 09, 2008
a person, place, thing or an event that is entertaining, funny and wiity. It is often used as an adjective that is very popular and originated in the hoods of San Francisco.
"Damn... that concert was greasy"
"Hommie your part was greasy
by Milong Johnson May 07, 2005
Greasy is a broad term, essentially meaning something sketchy, fucked up or sleazy.

The word can be applied in many situations and can vary in greatly in terms of fuckedness. Greasy behaviour could be anything from, taking a picture of your bros nipple, to brutally raping someone.

Greasiness as a philosophy incorporates nihilistic and libertine values, it may be both respected by some and abhorred by others.
"I just saw a video of Will getting a handjob in the woods. That guy is so greasy"

"That strip club looks Greasy as fuck"

"He lives a greasy lifestyle."
by DirtyProfessor April 30, 2014
A citizen of Greece. A Greek.
I thought Adonis was Greasy. But he's actually a Belch.
by HonkeyCred March 05, 2011

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