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A sexual endeavor in which the woman applies lube to her grundle (aka gooch, taint). The penis is then rammed forcefully into the midpoint of her grundle (equidistant from the anus and vagina). The gamble that ensues is legendary, in which the penis slides into either the vagina or anus.
The greasy grundle gamble is irreversible; once fate has chosen a hole, you must stick with it for the remainder of the intercourse.
I took the greasy grundle gamble with Shelley last night; it was my first poopydick!
by salty ballz July 30, 2006
oh yes the greasy grundle gamble is one of my favourite pastimes, the thrill of a lifetime! Its when you push your erect cock against the womans grundle. It will either slip in the vagina or slip in the ass and which ever hole it goes into is the hole you have sex in.
In the pink or in the stink, i can't decide lets have a greasy grundle gamble! By the grundlefull!
by aussie_fister July 28, 2006

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