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aah yes its about time I covered this topic, it's long overdue. If you have the right music playing while fisting it helps to create the ambience so that you can bask in the ambience and enter a fruitfull slumber. The music must have sensual tones and a good beat, I will give you a list of some fine fisting music:

mylo-drop the pressure
mylo-valley of the dolls
yello-oh yeah
armand van helden-my my my
bubba sparxxx ft. ying yang twins-ms new booty
dave dobbyn and the herbs-slice of heaven
black eyed peas-my humps
infusion-love and imitation
aphex twin-window licker
naughty boy-phat beach
soul of man-acid punch(krafty kuts remix)
tv rock ft. seany b-flaunt it
paul van dyk-time of our lives
darren tate-prayer for a god(elevation)
stanton warriors-da antidote
azzido da bass-dooms night

I must note that only the mylo version of drop the pressure should be used, NOT the miami sound version, that is just pure crap and a disgrace to the original. The stanton warriors version is ok and would suffice.
If anyone can think of anymore, feel free to add!
once the fisting music is turned on we can bask in the ambience and enter a fruitfull slumber!
keep fisten! ooooohhhh yeah!
by aussie_fister September 08, 2006
oh yes the greasy grundle gamble is one of my favourite pastimes, the thrill of a lifetime! Its when you push your erect cock against the womans grundle. It will either slip in the vagina or slip in the ass and which ever hole it goes into is the hole you have sex in.
In the pink or in the stink, i can't decide lets have a greasy grundle gamble! By the grundlefull!
by aussie_fister July 28, 2006

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