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to refrain from noticing or recognizing, or to purposely act towards someone in an unfriendly way
I was tryin to hit up Summer today but she walked right passed me. She be greasin me man.
by TOnyIsBiggBENnn January 25, 2009
to be greasey, a real smooth slick player, keeps everything he does on the down low, being so greasy nobody knows anything has happened but the person greasin. (known for the attitude with involved woman "What he don't know won't hurt him")
ned: what you going at tonight?
Tom: Going to the bar and greasin it up.
by Iggy2007 November 07, 2007
Chilling or relaxing.
"Yo what are you doing after class?"

"I'm probably going back to my room and greasin."
by J Breezy31 October 23, 2008
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