ambushed by a spray of lead count the bullet holes in your head. Verb meaning to be severely injured or killed by a spray of bullets from an automatic weapon. See also GREASE for the origin of the word
I snuck up behind that fucking camper and greased him good with my UMP-45.
by Spanky McSpunk April 15, 2003
Top Definition
To be greased means to be killed. Originally it meant to be killed by multiple bullet wounds from a weapon fired on full automatic but gradually its use extended, particularly during the Vietnam War, until it was used to describe any death caused by enemy action.

The expression originated from American troops of the Second World War who were armed with the M3 submachine gun. Since the M3's nickname was 'grease gun', supposedly from its resemblance to the mechanics tool, enemy troops killed by the M3 were soon referred to as having been greased.
Had some luck out in the boonies today!
How's that?
Nine of Uncle Ho's finest goofin' off in a waterhole, twelve M16s greased their asses real good!
Number One!
by Croatalin November 19, 2013
The state of being completely obliterated by alcohol.
Look at Corey overthere, he is just greased
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
to have played, have been played, or made a mistake. (i.e. "caught a grease" "been greased")
when getting a rejection by a girl in a proposal, you've been greased....or when you find out your girl/man was datin your best friend, you've caught a grease....or when you start slippin and get caught in the act, you've greased...or you spontaneously go to the club thinkin its free and you gotta pay $50 or buy a bottle to get in, you've greased....and many many more circumstances
by Bird827 August 01, 2007
To be intoxicated or extremely high off marijuana
Shonda is greased she smoked 5 jays
by creammy_3 December 19, 2003
Said of a woman someone has recently had sex with. Where all the sexual juices that are produced are called grease. For example vigina fluid and semen ect.
Kathy got greased.
by Deep blue 2012 June 21, 2010
When you give someone a large amount of money to keep their filthy mouth shut OR to get them to do what you want
1. Pauly (paul) D met the Mayor. The Mayor was planning on shutting down our racket but we greased that motherfucker to keep his mouth fucking shut!!

2. " did you grease him"

... "no boss i forgot"

" I always told you to grease these motherfuckers!"
by Philly Steak December 25, 2014
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