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Someone or something incredibly fast
When he heard you were coming, he left like greased lightning.
by Light Joker October 19, 2005
55 30
An expression to portray something to be faster then lightning.

When something is greased, it generally moves faster.
Try that again and you will be out of here faster then greased lightning.
by Cenax March 18, 2005
39 27
A cigarette that has been "greased" (dipped) in "lightning" (lean aka Promethazine with Codeine).
I always hit a Greased Lightning on my break, at work, to get a nice buzz going.
by Katisuyorudan February 06, 2014
6 2
Hot ass sex involving a lot of (flavored) lube.

Come on, didn't you see the Greased Lightning scene in Grease?
RuPaul likes it hot and fast like Greased Lightning
by Fagenstein February 27, 2006
23 44