some one who does alot of speed
fuckin grease monkeys
by sc_savage February 26, 2006
some guy that gets out of his nasty old truck n looks like he just got a pot-o-gold dumped on him other words he's a greasy piece of feces
Hey! Get back in the truck grease monkey!
by Shmu June 02, 2004
A racial slur meant to denigrate people of African descent. Though its origins are impossible to trace, it is most used in rural areas in northern Louisiana and may have arisen from the stereotypical racist depiction of the African American as perspiring and unbathed. Though, ironically, it has been shown that poor whites are more likely to have poor personal hygiene.

Compare to porch monkey.
Racist: "Yesterday on the bus I had to sit beside a grease monkey. It was gross."
by iceman236 February 11, 2011

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