A teenager going through the tough times of puberty that begins to create a thick layer of grease upon ones face
Kevin: Mike, did you hear Nunzio is becoming a grease monkey?

Mike: My older brother just went through that, it's discusting!
by KKKillyourself December 16, 2013
1.a low ranking man or/woman who is a mechanic

2.a way to describe someone who is greasy and unwashed.
1.make the grease monkey fix it.

2.ughhh..... check out the grease monkey
by voltaire1778 April 17, 2009
An unlicensed or on-the-side mechanic that you go to when you can't afford to go to a real mechanic. Often used when the job is simple, or you no longer want to dump money into your very old car.
Can also be applied to a halfway knowledgable person in any field (ie: computer repairs, home repairs, gender reassignment)
"I took my car to this grease monkey I know and he screwed up my tranny. That'll teach me to stop being cheap."
by Bionic Latino August 28, 2008
a cool extension for firefox
since i downloaded grease monkey, i get to view my favourite sites in a much better and improved way.
by phlegmat September 07, 2005
A mechanic in the navy.
We need a grease monkey!
by Tyler November 24, 2003
a smooth suave sophisticated kid with greasy hair
charles:Did you here about that kid george
jack:yeah i heard he's a total grease monkey
by gcrocker April 29, 2011
1. Someone who has bits of food, grease, etc. in their facial hair or normal hair.

2. Someone who loves working on cars.
George: Man, John never puts a hairnet on when using the deep fat frier. What a grease monkey.

Josh: All that that grease monkey Joel does all day is work on cars.
by The Anonymous Corporation April 29, 2010

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