A teenager going through the tough times of puberty that begins to create a thick layer of grease upon ones face
Kevin: Mike, did you hear Nunzio is becoming a grease monkey?

Mike: My older brother just went through that, it's discusting!
by KKKillyourself December 16, 2013
1.a low ranking man or/woman who is a mechanic

2.a way to describe someone who is greasy and unwashed.
1.make the grease monkey fix it.

2.ughhh..... check out the grease monkey
by voltaire1778 April 17, 2009
a smooth suave sophisticated kid with greasy hair
charles:Did you here about that kid george
jack:yeah i heard he's a total grease monkey
by gcrocker April 29, 2011
A term for someone that needs a shower.
That girl is gross, she looks like a grease monkey.
by SarahThaBoss(; August 12, 2009
The kid at school who never bathes. This causes his/her hair to have plenty of attractive grease in it.
"Did you see Todd today?"
"Holy shit, yeah. That kid is a total grease monkey."
by cacacarrottop August 27, 2008
a cool extension for firefox
since i downloaded grease monkey, i get to view my favourite sites in a much better and improved way.
by phlegmat September 07, 2005
A mechanic in the navy.
We need a grease monkey!
by Tyler November 24, 2003

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