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nastay noise dat comes wut an unlively STINK dat makes all ma teachers pass out n die
Oh, man ur fart just slaped me in the face!
by Shmu June 02, 2004
sumone who has really nasty breath, wears really nasty clothes, and baths whenever it rains, and is sum1 who comes up to u all drugged up at mardi gras and tells u and ur friends meaningless jokes about cannibals, babies, and clowns and laughs at himself
Dude, that bum in the yellow t-shirt just spit in ma face while telling a dead baby joke and rubbing my head with his rotting hands.... i will smell like him for weeks!!
by Shmu June 03, 2004
one who sits around lookin at playboys while eatin slim jims
Philip Gevese is the sexiest man(but first u have to bail him out of jail where he gained 50 lb. off of bread and water)
by Shmu June 02, 2004
some guy that gets out of his nasty old truck n looks like he just got a pot-o-gold dumped on him ...........in other words he's a greasy piece of feces
Hey! Get back in the truck grease monkey!
by Shmu June 02, 2004
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