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A variation of beiruit often played in small dorm rooms. Gravity pong involves a vertical playing surface (often cardboard) to which 6 or 10 cups are attached in an equilateral triangle shape. The cups are then filled with equal amounts of an alcoholic beverage of choice (usu. 2 beers for 6 cups, 3 for 10). The two players (or teams) take turns shooting 2 shots each. It is up to the players to agree upon other rules regarding swatting, removal of cups, redemption shots, re-racking, etc. Generally speaking, the player/team who consumes less alcohol during the course of the game is the victor, though in the end everyone ends up getting drunk.
Our dorm room was too small for a proper beiruit table so we have to play gravity pong instead.
by fuckWAZZU September 18, 2006

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