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A drinking game. The point of the game is to get a ping pong ball into an opponent's beer-filled cup. In lame-man's term, "beer pong."

Specific rules have been the most argued about of any game/sport/hobby ever. Nothing is ever resolved and the argument ends in a drunken fight.
"Let's go play beiruit."
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005
NOT BEER PONG. The game can be played with either 6 or 10 cups on opposite sides with pyramids facing each other. 2 beers for 6 cups and 3 for 10. teams of two face off taking turns shooting off. if two consecutive shots are made, balls are sent back. if the ball bounces back to the team who shot it they may attempt a behind the back shot. Any amount of reracks is allowed.
Anyone who confused bei ruit and beer pong are retarded
by YOU IDIOTS December 11, 2006
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