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A "gravdizzle" is a large gravity bong. The bong is made from a gallon sized gatorade bottle and a small trash can. Here's how its done:
1) cut the bottom of a gallon sized gatorade bottle out.
2) cut a hole in the gatorade cap, and slide in a regular hitter peice from a bong.
3) slide a small tube into the bottom of the hitter peice, about an inch from the bottom of the bottle.
4) fill a small trash can with water
5) without the cap, place the bottle in the water
6) fill up the bowl, and screw the cap on the bottle (gently)
7) light the bowl, pull up on the bottle so it fills with smoke, take the cap off and with your mouth over the top, slam it down while inhaling.
"yo lets slam the gravdizzle"

"yo that 20 oz. aint no gravdizzle"
by mike June 01, 2004
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