Spanish person's way of trying to pronounce 'crazy'
'dat movie was grassy meng'
-'what did it have to do with grass?
by whatyouknowaboutme October 05, 2011
Top Definition
Homosexual in nature or a person who enjoys same sex relations.
Is it grassy? Yes. Is it Jesse? Yes.
by X. Sulu May 04, 2007
chill, relaxed, low-key

cool, fun, something to look forward to

phrases: grassy, mad grass, grass to the max, crazy grassy
Rachel and Nathaniel said first period was pretty grassy today. They hardly had any work!
by Tracy's Dictionary December 15, 2010
Adjective describing a person who is looking foolish or doing too much.
That guy be lookin grassy with those neon pink skinny jeans!!
by Joewannaman August 31, 2012
Hippy-like people. People who wear no shoes. Dirty individuals who prance around and typically have red hair.
Did you see Nicole running through the halls without shoes on? She's pretty grassy.
by frotch5890 October 22, 2010
Bullshit. shit turns to fertizler and the fertilizer grows the grass. There for a busta talking that shit is Grassy.
Them boys talking all grassy, they about to get they head bust.
by C. Wat August 31, 2004
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