A warm and sunny day. It's an old Sheffield term - my dad still uses it.
It looks like it's going to be a grasser tomorrow.
by Yorkie Pud September 10, 2009
Top Definition
a person like a snitch who gossips or passes someones personal information on to another person.
''you fucking grasser!''
by sweet jesus March 08, 2006
a traitor, rat, snitch, squealor, or informer
My younger sister Kristina is a backstabbing grasser!
by PKA July 11, 2003
A word you call someone who has told of you to an elder or peer body.
"Yeah man, that dickweed is a right grasser I swear, keep clear of 'im"
"Hey ButtMunch! Why you go grassin' my ass in?" **SMACK**
by Dan Rayson February 18, 2005

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