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An abnormal desire to look at pornography.
"Now, how many of you sick fuckers writting sexual definitions know your suffering from grapholagnia?"

Example #2:

Yepsen: Man, I can't find the guys! Have you seen an of them come threw here?

Кели: Yeah, those fuckers are all in the back having a circle jerk to JJ on instant replay.

Yepsen: Aw shit girl. How long they been back there?

Кели: A good minute now. You know they all got the grapholagnia!

Yepsen: I don't know if I wanna catch grapholagnia. Is it worse than the clap?

Кели: *smack* No, you jackass. It's not VD is't a condition!

Yepsen: A conditon...Like the hair stuff?

Кели: Noooo, Awww fucket. Man, just go see the guys!

Yepsen: Should I wear protective gear? I don't wanna catch nothin!' I'm meating up with my lady in a minute.

Кели: Shit, I would! Why do you think I'm out here? Somebody's gotta work.

Yepsen: True, true. For serious though...Is is contagious?

Кели: Man, get the fuck on and read a book. It's a desire to look at pornography!

Yepsen: Oh damn, . . .I know plenty of fools with that girl!

Кели: Obvious right!? Just look at the writting on the wall here;D

Yepsen: You gonna come check out some Jamison?

Кели: No man. I may drink some with a lil sour and a cherry though while you guys chill.

Yepsen: Later!

Кели: Be good man!
by IKnoYouJerkItToJamisonOnTheReg November 11, 2012
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