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gossip that is spread by spoken comunication
i heard on the grapevine that your gay
by the fresh prince January 30, 2005
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friends or aquaintences you hear gossip from
i heard from the grape vine you've been talking shit.
by k-pog August 21, 2004
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1. an unofficial source of rumors or news

2. formal dance move characterized by side steps and stepping across the support foot
Learned of the accusations from the grapevine.
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Grapevine High School: where most of Colleyville goes to high school. (a.k.a Ghetto Grapevine, Rapevine, etc.)
Grapevine: most of it goes to Colleyville Heritage High School (a.k.a. Colleywood)

There's definitely a split between New Grapevine (south of Grapevine Hwy) and Old Grapevine (main street).

- Largest mall in the southwest US
- 30 screen theater
- Too many restaurants
- At least it has some places that serve beer... unlike Colleyville
- Situated nearly equal distance between downtown Dallas and downtown Ft. Worth
- Has a Kinko's and even a Barbeques Galore!
Dude, what is there to do in Collevyville? Nothing? Ok, let's go see a movie at Grapevine Mills and then drink at Hooters until it closes at midnight. Afterwards, we'll stop at the Sonic on Hall-Johnson and get a slush while surrounded by a bunch of people wearing letter jackets and sporting cheerleading stickers on their jacked up Tahoes. After Sonic closes, we'll go speed around at 30 mph and probably get a ticket for being 5 over. Then we'll go commit some vandalism to remind us why we're glad we no longer live in this bubble we grew up in.
by it's not important October 11, 2005
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the last drop of cum that comes out of a mans cock that is thicker than the rest
One day I, Aaron, came home from taco bell and my wife, Valerie came up to me after i walked into the door and she whispered in my ear that she was so fucking horny. So i threw her on the hard wood floor, then we proceeded to undress each other then she put my trick or treat stick in her pudding basket. then i thrusted it in and out and made her baby cannon moist and slippery, while she screamed i smacked her in the face, but not to hard. Then my slime volcano began to erupt baby yogurt so i took it and spread it all on her lower back. then she licked the rest off. but she took the grape vine and rubbed it on her milk machines. The End.
by valerie nofzinger June 21, 2012
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In wrestling, a leg or arm lock that attempts to subdue the opponent by locking his/her leg by the knee (or his/her arm by the elbow) by interlacing your arm/leg with the ones with your oponent. There are many variants to the lock, namely, Inside Leg Grapevine, Outside Leg Grapevine, double inside grapevine, double outside grapevine, elevated double grapevine, elevated double grapevine held wieth one leg, suspended double grapevine "Angelito", suspended double grapevine and double knucklelock, and so many more...
Hey, the guy on the botton is trying a gravepine the top guy's legs!

That guy threw an amazing grapevine, but the top guy escaped!
by Skkeletor January 05, 2008
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Quite possibly the worst town on the face of the Earth. Known for it's large minority population and inhabitants who serve no purpose to the world around them. The average income of Grapevine sits at around $10,000. Parents hate their children and vice-versa. This problem only compounds Grapevine's many other problems. The crime rate in Grapevine is the highest in the state of Texas and property values are at an all time low due to the fact that there are few homes but many trailer parks and apartment complexes.
Jesse (Grapevine youth): "Hey, you want to go get high?"
Tyrone (Grapevine youth): "Hellz yeah. I know this guy, Julio, he just got out of prison for murdering his 12 year-old sister. He's got an apartment by the high school. We can smoke there."
Jesse: "Sweet, let's go rob this gas station really quick, I'm running short on cash..."

by GrapevineSucks March 07, 2008
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