The best living thing ever to have existed. Grapefruit is the Alpha and the Omega. It can never be called a "he" or "she", for the Grapefruit is an "It". Grapefruit is powerful, sexy, charming, seductive, outstanding, astonishing, unique, etc.The ultimate god of the fruits, Grapefruit is the most powerful fruit on earth and overpowers all veggies. It cannot be defined or explained, for Grapefruit is the unexplainable. The invincible. The almighty fruit of all time. Grapefruit has been, is, and will be. A veggie is a Grapefruit's enemy. It bows down at the throne of Grapefruit. Grapefruit is the most powerful thing in the world.
"I love Grapefruit. It is so powerful."
"Wow, that man is so handsome and charming. His name must be Grapefruit"
by Gfruitstanguello April 08, 2013
A large and firm female breast.
My that girl is a slacker but she has lovely grapefruit!
by BobFV August 22, 2003
To give those around you the impression that you are in a deep conversation in public places. Usually only conferring between two people sharing the "grapefruit"
person A: grapefruit
person B: ohhh, yeah! -winkwinknudgenudge-
by Yeah man July 08, 2005
term used to describe a pair of big ass titties,
they look something like this ( . )( . )
damn, i'd like to suck those grapefruits
by screwster May 11, 2005
the only fruit that might get your hand chopped off
"Get yo' ashy hands up off my grapefruit!!"
by knox April 17, 2005
When used in the expression "to be a grapefruit" it means being a third wheel, the spare part, feeling left out or excluded, as is the case if you go out with a group of couples.
It turned out to be a double date--James was supposed to come along but when he found out that both my and John's girlfriends were coming along, he decided he didn't want to be a grapefruit.
by malathia February 23, 2006
-An asian girl who think she's Latin. Yellow on the outside and Red on the inside. She wears a puffy bubble black or white North Face Jacket, baggy t-shirt and tight jeans. Also wears 5 inch thick shoes, girly colored sneakers or boots. Can sometimes be seen wearing DKNY, Ecko, J-Lo. Most likely carries a women’s backpack. Also, like Rap and R and B and J-lo associated paraphenelia.
-An Asian Girl who sorta looks Latin, like my mom.
-A filipino
Man, is she a grapfruit?
by Beetle Bailey Show March 04, 2003
Used to describe one who is extremely passive, diffident, and introverted. Usually very bad at socializing.
That guy can't talk to anyone without having a panic attack. What a grapefruit.
by charburg August 18, 2016
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