mean your a nerd or geek
don't be calling me a grand
by malik stagger July 10, 2008
a term to be used in sarcasm. when one truly doesn't care about what is being said. it can also be used to define one's mood; a person isn't doing great nor sad, one is content and neutral.
Jo: "i got a new dog!"
Cynthia: "that's grand"

it is used in the context of that's nice, but i really don't care or i care but not enough to elaborate.
by Techia March 12, 2005
Stuck up, big-headed, self-important, arogant
I said hi to you at the mall, but you was acting all grandand s***; you didn't even look in my direction when you reponded.
by alliekat10 November 30, 2010
your terrific-radical-me:-), he/she is definatly grand
Clifford tang is so grand he is a tyte person:-D
by G-La July 22, 2004

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