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A lovely lovely man. He is very cute, and not an 'old man' as some people claim.
He is possibly as cute as the milkcarton in the video for 'Coffee and TV'. Only 'possibly' though.
You can't fail to love him! :)
"Aww! Coxo *hug* :)"
by kake March 17, 2005
X guitarist of Blur who has now gone solo and has released some amazing songs.
"He look its Graham!! he is really freaking out!"
by Pauly G February 07, 2005
A delicate flower. The cutest man on earth. One of the best guitarists of the 90s. Graham Coxon thinks he is very tough and manly as hell, but deep inside he is nothing but fluff and softness. Graham Coxon also is in a relationship with Damon Albarn. Shhhhh, don't talk loud about it, he doesn't like it.
"Is that Graham Coxon?! OMG yes it is! He's so cute with those big glasses! I wanna pinch his cheeks!"
by Drunk Damon July 23, 2015
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