A bunch of evil people who wish to inslave every man, woman, and child.
The government is made up of a bunch of liars.
by weirdgirl September 16, 2003
In most cases, a centralized administrative and legislative organization that serves to deter, augment, alter, promote and regulate different aspects of the human experience. Government's puport to solve problems arising from "The Problem of the Commons." Areas arise in which the individual actions of persons serve to deplete the general welfare of the rest of society. In such cases, the government has seen it fit to pool resources from across society, to dedicate to ensuring the continued survival of the species and the citizens of that nation or region.
The American government cured smallpox, broke up monopolies, develop the interstate highway system, insisted upon voting rights for all adults, eliminated usury, preserved massive plots of land for conservation, sent satellites into space leading to modern communication, researched international communication leading to the internet, tripled the lifespan of the average American over the past 100 years, and risked life and limb to provide food for Somalia, end apartheid rule in South Africa, liberate the women of Afghanistan, stop the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia and protect the soveriegn rights of people in Kuwait.
by Seth Wellbourne October 18, 2006
A group of people organized or de- organized (as in the case of anarchy).

Popular Form of govenments:

Communism- all people's needs are supplied by a strong central government. Everybody is working for the greater good. Its flaws are the most basic of them all. You have no freedom to excel at life and will always be under the rule of the government. etc.

Monarchy- all people are under a king/queen/etc. This would work very nicely but it all depends on the ruler at that time. If they oppresse the people or help the people.

Democracy- You all know what that is and in modern society it is easy to spot the flaws once again it usually ends with a struggle for power between the political parties but out of all of them. This is the closest to "free society".

Anarchy- there is NO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. I classify this as a government because it works for the commen goal of equality. This is easily the most flawed due to human nature, ignorance, greed and all vices of humans. But beleiving in no government qquals a government. It controdicts it self and creates a pandorax.

In order of most likely working in modern society are:

1. - There is No Perfect Government as of yet.
2. Democracy
3. Communism
4. Monarchy
5. Anarchy
6. Tolitarinism (You have no rights, in this form of government)
Think of it this way --- "All known governments should have its flaws. The piont of humans on this earth is to figure out which one works best"
by ThE PoLaCk SnIpEr April 20, 2009
A system that contains people that controls a state, a city or a country. However, governments can easily become corrupt since most of the people in office are control freaks and work long and hard to take away the rights and freedoms of the people that they supposedly serve. They normally give out the excuse that they are protecting the public when in reality they are all psychopaths, liars and control freaks. They take away freedoms on a yearly and sometimes monthly basis when they could be doing things such as solving problems such as murders, kidnappings, and homelessness.

Ironically, humans are not the only ones with governments, animals also have governments as well and the animals run their governments a lot more efficiently than any human can run theirs. For example, ants make sure that every member of their colony is fed and this includes their larvae or babies. Wasps do the same and bees also. This means that despite humans claiming that they're the smartest animals around, they are so idiotic that they are unable to run a system correctly.
A government is a pile of crap system that controls a country and the people are paranoid, power hungry control freaks that love taking away the rights of the citizens.
by Digital Preacher December 27, 2014
Designed by realy smart people, im talking REALY smart people... But the bad thing is that its run by idiots.
by jackypants12...MC January 15, 2014
If we suspect you have a secret about us, or if you say anything against us, or if we just don't like you, or if we're just bored, we'll even go to the point of killing you and your family.
And that's how government works.
by all politicians are the same July 15, 2003
referring to one's governmentally acknowledged name; the name that appears on one's birth certificate, social security care, and any other governmentally issued identification items and paperwork.
My government is Eldridge, but everybody calls me "Ridgly."
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