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That guy at the club who thinks it looks good to resemble the gotti boys. They will have sonic the hedge hog hair that they spent way to much time on. They will pop thier collar because they think that its cool and wear big ghetto earrings.The last is that Just like corey hart the wear their sunglasses at nite.
If you need a example go to the club and look around. There always there trying to skeez some chicks. That greasy guy is a gotti boy.
by Evan Kers November 15, 2006
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the biggest fags out there. they spike their hair to the sky using half a bottle of gel or can of mousse. typical clothing is ed hardy, affliction, and armani exchange. they wear way too much cologne, gay earings and think their models..yep fagboys.
Girl:wow that guy is sooo hot!!
Guy:are u kidding? hes a gotti boy fag!
by br71488 April 24, 2009
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