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the worst possible feeling in the world. it's basically when the girl you have strong feelings for dosen't return those feelings or affection for you. in other words, the feeling isnt mutual. nothing in the world can cure this pain, and the pain is horrible. the only thing that can really is time, because it takes time to see things for what they are. crying defintely happens, a lot of times more than once, you have feelings of anger, sadness, depression, worthlesness,confusion, despair, rejection, sentimental feelings as well. any thoughts of you and that person you loved spending time together, hugging her, cuddling her, and kissing her is gone. any past memories of that person such as photographs, notes, phone calls, voicemails, im conversations, or just hearing her voice is a pain that feels like youve been stabbed in the heart twice. people will tell you to get over it or snap out of it and you just wanna bite their heads off..because they couldnt possibly understand the pain youre going through. even if that person you love says things will change in the future, you never know what happens, its obviously a fact that if they dont share youre feelings now, time wont make them change their minds. you may want to be friends afterwards, and you may seem and act ok around them and be ok with the notion of being friends, but its bullshit. because truthfully youre a mess inside and you just wanna break down and cry. and its not like in the movies or a fairy tale when the girl realizes she was wrong and runs back into youre arms crying and the relationship is rekindled, because in reality, we all know that will never happen.
guy 1: dude, whats the matter, why are you so down?

guy 2: my girlfriend dosent love me man, im heartbroken.
by br71488 May 20, 2009
one of the best pink floyd songs. from the wall album. its lyrics are mystifying and powerful and the guitar solos (especially the second one) are enough to give major goosebumps.. and make you want to go insane..
Dude 1: hey man whats a good song to kill yourself to?

Dude 2: well, if it were me, i would want to go out with comfortably numb..
by br71488 May 04, 2009
the biggest fags out there. they spike their hair to the sky using half a bottle of gel or can of mousse. typical clothing is ed hardy, affliction, and armani exchange. they wear way too much cologne, gay earings and think their models..yep fagboys.
Girl:wow that guy is sooo hot!!
Guy:are u kidding? hes a gotti boy fag!
by br71488 April 24, 2009

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