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Another example of fake-ass pampered gold chain wearing Italians, who are not only a disgrace to Italy and all associated with it, but to America as well, because even undeserving little fucks like them can live like royalty here (i.e. Osbourne children, Hilton sisters).

The Gotti brothers are a bunch of faggots who constantly make feeble attempts to cover their metrosexual tendencies with their pissy "machismo" attitudes, limp wristed slap fights, wardrobe nuances such as "the popping the collar" and the unbuttoned shirt, and a nauseating accent which resembles a cross between that of a wannabe gangster and Joe Pesci. Any sex appeal they might have is utterly destroyed by their worthless douchebag personalities.
Fags like the Gotti Brothers are the reason why people think Italian Americans are such fruits.
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 03, 2005
Stereo-typical wannabe macho Italian boys who sport fake orange-ish tans and plucked eyebrows, who try to act/look Puerto Rican. And they talk so weird you can't even understand a damn thing they're saying.
yo ma your son used up all my hairgel! (*goes apesh*t* as if he couldn't afford another bottle)
by lovezit April 08, 2005
Nassau county scumbags with fake tans and half a bottle of gel in their hair. Many pretty boy west suffolk males now copy their silly look.
Ha, I heard that one of the Gotti brothers got his ass kicked in the mall.
by Joe April 09, 2005
Bunch of faggot wannabes who live off of their late grandfather John Gotti's name and their good looks. They have their own stupid reality television show called Growing Up Gotti.
1. The Gotti sons are a disgrace to all real Italians

2. Italian 1: Hey the Gottis are real time mobsters.
Italian 2: Bull shit. I heard those pussies got their asses kicked by some guy for hitting on his girlfriend. What wannabes.
by John January 01, 2005
Once at the top now to the bottom! Not as they appear to be Sicilians. Got a TV Show.
The gotti brothers are a disgrace to Italians.
Those gotti brothers really had it big but dont anymore.
by Jim April 17, 2005
authentic; someone who shows extreme loyalty and respect to their friends and family...who happens to be a hottie and is super smart...
yo, you is gotti brothers, boi!
#gotti #gotti brothers #gangsta #boi #hottie
by jazz york July 31, 2006
the SeXiEsT guys ALIVE!!!
damn....those Gotti bois r sexiiiii
by Gotti LoVeR<333 April 15, 2005
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