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Ghetto refering to MUST, HAVE TO, GOT TO, and SHOULD...
By the way to learn how to speak Ebonics requires loss of any grammar and common linguistic sense.
I gotsta run.
by Grammar Police Z August 14, 2003
1 0
A retarded abbreviation of the two words "got to."

It is only used by idiots because of the following:
1. It's longer than writing "got to."
2. The correct way of saying it is "have to."
I gotsta get this shoe out of my ass.
by Deezy June 24, 2003
112 50
Ghetto bastardization of "have to"
I gotsta get paid, b.
by madprophetridx June 24, 2003
65 19
How Rugrats pronunce 'gotta' or 'got to' or even 'have to'.
We gotsta sabe the dawggy from teh Vacflume Streamer!@!1111111!!!!!1!11!1!
by B-Drac September 03, 2003
36 15
slang for "got to"
"I gotsta get paid!"
by Usonvi June 20, 2003
24 8
Have to, got to.
I gotsta go get me some grub.
by Raina June 26, 2003
12 6
Something that you feel a strong urge to do.
I gotsta get some money before the bank takes my car.
by J-ME June 24, 2003
8 3
Dumb-ass method of stating a very simple phrase from the english language.(Primarily used in the United States...)
The illerate fool said, 'I gotsta go home.'
by Gordon June 24, 2003
12 9