Website with excellent eSports coverage but bans people for posting funny, nonoffensive images on the forums.
Why the fuck was I banned from gotfrag?
by soon June 29, 2003
Top Definition
Gotfrag is a news website which covers the professional side of gaming particularly Counter Strike and Quake4. Probably the most popular eSport coverage site out there. The forums are very strict.
The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) a professional gaming body which uses gotfrag as its official media partner.
by Dev__ June 09, 2006
A nice site with crappy coding and idiotic admins with an average IQ of 70.
They will ban you for just about anything they feel like, and then they will make up a stupid reason like RACISM. Also, your comment will be deleted and when you ask them to provide the offending material that you produced they will reply with "...its
not in the forums page anymore so I can't quote you from the offending
material which caused your ban".

What great guys!
Aww shit fucking gotfrag banned me for posting this defenition =\
by NEEMOFUCKINGARE January 09, 2004
Possibly the worst site on the internet. The writting on that site, which is done by the management, is at about a 9th grade level.
Dude, Gotfrag blows :(.
Yea, and midway is a moron.
by Jason Stevens February 04, 2005
A website that provices eSports coverage.
Not an example but something that happened to me. I got banned from gotFrag cause I posted Korn lyrics that evaded gotfrag's swear filter. And yes, they have an IQ of 50
by Mike January 24, 2004
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