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Guy On The couCH

n. That friend that "crashed" on your couch a party a while back and never left it.
"Who is that?"
"Oh him? That's so-in-so, he's been sleeping on the couch for 2 weeks now.
"Oh, you have a gotch too?
by FriendWithAGOTCH December 30, 2009
Men's underwear
by Billmcm August 25, 2003
crooked, uneven, or asymmetrical, esp. of the eyes
"I could never tell which direction that gotch-eyed Marty Feldman was looking."

Russia's Captain Count Nicholas Pavlovich Ignatieff was known to have a divided left iris, half of which was blue, the other half brown; tortured prisoners were said to have known he enjoyed inflicting pain and cruelty "by the glitter in his gotch eye."

"Last night we drank ourselves completely gotch-eyed."
by spacklepants January 23, 2008
More than a drop and less than half a teaspoon.
There is only a gotch left. The amount left in the rim of a can of soda after you take a sip.
by Chipplebugs April 20, 2013
To kotch or hang out but in a gay way.
Will was gotching with Ed last night.
by Bis Swah January 25, 2011
Gosh. An expression of a feeling of shock.
Oh my Gotch! (oh my gosh. oh my lord. oh my god. oh my word.)
by Myra Lugo May 07, 2008
1 a mix between a gay person and their crotch
2 gay+crotch=gotch

used as an insult an adjective and a noun

created by two berea high school students, all other definitions of this word are fonny
1. OMG quit being such a gotch
2. Wow that was so gotchie of you
3. There are so many gotches here, its a gotchapalooza
by TIM AND SAM ARE AWSOME January 24, 2007
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