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literally a baby goose, but can be used to describe any short, cute person. Hands down, it is quite possibly the funniest word known to mankind.
Guy1:Hey, Sarah's really short and cute. What does she remind you of?
Guy2:A Gosling. Let's call her Little Gosling.
by Shaelom June 16, 2005


(n.) A sharply dressed, urbane gentleman.

(v.) Displaying gallant characteristics indicative of an urbane gentleman; Behaving in a suave and cultivated manner; To be dapper, sharply, handsomely attired.

(adj.) Characterised by urbane sophistication in taste, style and manner.
"Did you see him at the reunion? He's lost all that weight, bought a couple suits and cut off his mullet - scrubs up real nice! He's a total gosling now"

"Hey, looking sharp today! What's the occasion?"

"No occasion, just felt like gosling it up this morning."

"I didn't think a pair of sunglasses this gosling could be so cheap!"
by SchnittyLover69 January 12, 2012
A femail who is sexualy attractive and causes fights between jelos males compeating for her love and jelos femails compeating for her attention.
that girl is such a gosling, DAMN i want to do her
by MR. Barr June 25, 2005