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A mixture of milk and Allen's Coffee Brandy. Considered by many to be the state drink of Maine. Also know as a Sombrero, the Champagne of Maine, and Fat Ass in a Glass. Called Gorilla Milk because chronic abusers have been know to do some really stupid things.
"They found Ole Joe buck nekid and frozen to death on top of the water tower. Just goes to show what that Gorilla Milk will do to you."
by Cheez Head March 20, 2009
a alcholic drink containing kahluah, amaretto, bananas and milk
"gorilla milk, that shit will have you on your face"
-mac dre
by jzb June 29, 2006
An African-American person's semen.
I wanna give her a taste of my gorilla milk.
by Mr. Bungle February 03, 2006
A massive close fisted blow to the face thus resulting in laying someone the fuck out.

"Their was a huge fight after the game last night, Paul straight up gorilla milked that dude!"
by Battleship338 August 19, 2008
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