when you nut on a bitch's face and then immediately pull their hair down over it. this leads for a sticky mess of jizz and hair rendering the bitch looking like a chewbacca
I gorilla faced that bitch!
by Chip Biggum May 17, 2008
Top Definition
while recieving oral sex...pull your penis out prior to ejaculation..."nut" in the girls face, yank some pubes and throw them in her face..thus sticking to the penis pudding causing the look of a "GORILLA FACE" P.S. I love it when guys do it to me :)
that bitch started whinnin so i gave her a gorilla face
by jessica reedy April 07, 2003
A hairy human freaks of nature that belittles and annoys the peaceful salamander heads but hopelessly get beat and sent back to their nesting grounds. They will also pillage helpless villages and after conquered, continue to run around the village on all fours for 2 days pounding their chest. They can be coaxed or baited into traps with ripe bananas quite easily.
"In other news today, Gorillaface "Cougs" and his gang of hairy freaks tried to conquer the last remaining salamander head village in an attempt to extinct them. "
by salamander face January 10, 2012
People who look like gorillas when they eat, talk and sleep and have large ammounts of hair all over their bodies.
i couldnt stand to sit across the table from tat gorilla face any longer

everyone, look at that stupid gorilla face
by deanpisspants November 08, 2011
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