a group of gorgeous girls
That party will have a ton of gorgies there tonight.
by too chi June 08, 2009
Top Definition
A combination of the words "gorge" and "orgy," a gorgy can be simply defined as three or more individuals eating themselves full to the gills, often at buffets.

After effects often include vomiting, distended stomachs, and never wanting to see food again.
Do you remember that all-you-can-eat place we went to last month? Man, that was a gorgy.
by stalker- June 17, 2009
adjective. cross between gorgeous and orgasmic.
1. Jason the sex god is incredibly gorgy to the tenth power.
by Smokey McPott February 18, 2005
Describing a strinkingly attractive (aka i wanna bang you) male
Omigod did you see that new kid Blake? He's totally gorgy!
by thehottone May 29, 2005
(noun) a same sex orgy. comes from a combination of the word gay and orgy.
<jacques> my ass hurt a lot from last night...
<francois> cause you were the center of the gorgy.
<jacques> it was fun though.
by hobbes April 09, 2006
an all girl orgy
sara had a pajama party saturday night and it turned into a gorgy!!
by karmagirlbme April 11, 2010
An act of homosexual sex involving at least three individuals.
Jordan C., Scary Gary, and Josh had an intense Gorgy after getting turned on watching the chimpanzees at the zoo.
by Chad November 13, 2004
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