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Short term for gorgeous
Oh my god! You look ultra gorgie today!
by Irene Samek May 22, 2003
A derogatory word that the Gypsies all all non traveling folk. Comes from a Romany word but mispelt over the years
by debaser October 30, 2003
(romany) meaning for non traveler some one who is not romany. (not an insult)
look at the gorgies
by romanyking June 06, 2009
pigeon faced chutney ferret with orangatan titties
coo coo
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
Gorgie is the finest area of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city.
Gorgie isn't a depressing inner city shithole at all, missus.
by Davie McUFO August 18, 2008
The cutest and cuddliest alien of the Half-Life mod Natural Selection.
Omfg, that gorgie is so cute! His pretty webs and sexy wet feet! Spluuurggg!
by rez July 16, 2003
a mean person. Someone who treats their girlfriend like a piece of meat ; normally used by a girl to insult her boyfriend when he's being a meanie pie.
Sarah - "You're such a gorgie Nick!" "What the fuck is a gorgie?!" - Nick
by 5.23.09.<3 June 14, 2010